Tuesday, September 4, 2012

They Said What

When you become a mom of multiples you will get lots of funny comments. Heck when you are pregnant even with just one people will say the weirdest things.  It always catches me off guard and I've heard it all!

When I was pregnant people loved to ask when you are due and then when they realize you have months to go they always follow up with a "Wow, your huge." Ummm, thanks!  Another thing that happened to me was that people were so shocked that I was showing so early! Well I am growing TWO humans so yea I'm going to show early!

After you have the babies you might as well get the words "Freak Show" tattooed on your forehead because you will get all kinds of look, comments and even weird behavior!  I guess that people just aren't used to multiples or maybe they were raised in a barn. Who knows but here are some of the gems that I have heard:

"Wow, Twins! Hmm better you than me!"- That's right jerk it is better me than you!

"Are they identical?"- Well hmm lets think about this. He's a BOY and she is a GIRL!

"OMG, Do you have two babies in the stroller?"- Yes, yes I do! 

"So you've had twins, I guess your done!" - wow! I'm so glad you get to do my family planning for me!

"So you can tell me, Which one is your favorite?" Ummmmm What!? There are no words.

These are just a few! So yea, people can be nuts!  Please leave a comment and tell us the weirdest thing someone has ever said to you about your kids! 

Hope you all had a great Labor Day!


  1. This falls more in the "annoying" than the "weird" category, but I once was scolded by a woman in the parking lot at Target because I didn't have hats on my boys. (It was spring-ish and only mildly chilly that day.) I wanted to kindly ask if she had ever tried to get twin one-year-old into the store on her own...

  2. How about when people say "Oh, double trouble huh?" i kindly reply with uummm no double blessed;)

  3. "are they natural?" No they are cyborg robot children! That is such a personal question!

  4. I get irritated when asked if they are natural. Um, yes, they are not cyborgs.

  5. I also get asked if they are natural or if twins "run" in our family....i just tell them no, we did fertility, that usually shuts them right up!:)

  6. Daily I hear, you bust have your hands full or double trouble. I was asked the other day how many months apart they were. People say crazy things.