Monday, September 10, 2012

Picking My Twins Names

When The Hubs and I found out we were pregnant with twins we immediately came up with four names that we liked. Two boy names and two girl names.  If we would of had two boys their names would be Levi and Peyton and if we had had two girls their names would be Emma and Callie.  Once we found out that we were in fact having a boy and a girl we chose the names that felt right for them.

We of course had the conversations of do we want to do the same letter which was hard because I didn't like many names that went with either letter.  I love the name Levi but couldn't find any L girl names I liked and the same with Emma.

One thing that never came up with us was rhyming or similar names.  I am find if people do this but it just wasn't for us!  I really think it is important for them to have their own identities.  It really bothers me when people call them "The Twins".  It's OK for now while they are still young but as they get older I don't want them to be known as "The Twins" I want them to be able to be their own person. 

When it came to picking middle names it was important to me that they be family names.  We went through several but ultimately chose names that fit both. Emma's middle name is also my middle name. I was named after someone on my dad's side. I am not quite sure exactly. Levi's middle name is special for many reasons. It is the middle name of my dad and brother but also the name of The Hubs' beloved grandfather! 

You know what 's funny is that now if we have more kids Peyton and Callie aren't on our list. So funny how tastes change!

So there you have it!  That's how Levi William and Emma Gentry got their names.  How did you choose names for your kids?

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  1. Believe it or not, for the triplets names, we just went to our shortlist of leftover names from previously naming our sons! It seems crazy. I started looking through the baby book again, but we just kept choosing the same names, and eventually my husband said,"We've done this before, do we have to do it again?" So we just went with my two favourite names we didn't use for the boys after my 2nd son. (We never had a list for my first son, his name was always chosen!) For our girls name, we had chosen it in case our first son was a girl, except back then it was our 2nd choice. It was 2nd choice for our 2nd son, but when I was preggers with the trips, it flipped to our fav!