Friday, August 31, 2012

Twins + 1


Happy Friday!!

I had a post all ready to go for today…oh, who am I kidding, I had nothing. Haha!

Thankfully, Jennifer saved the day with her big news!

Did/have you had the same experience? Are you a multi-momma plus one, or two…or three?! I’m sure Jenn would love some advice and encouragement on how to raise multiples plus more so leave a comment and show her some love!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Homemade Baby Food~ On the Road

Do you make your baby food? Have you found it difficult to take it on the road? Especially those long hour car rides! And trying to keep it cold until you arrive at your destination can be tricky too!
We went to the beach twice this summer and I found some easier ways to pack homemade baby food.
I went to Wal-Mart to look for small jars I could put their food in but instead I found these small glad ware Tupperware cups. They are actually the PERFECT size for baby food. I would say it holds about 4 oz. which is perfect for my twins because they both eat 2 oz. each. I made carrots, sweet potatoes and green beans to go with us!
Pictured below:carrots
As you know sweet potatoes and carrots look somewhat a like. I wanted to label them so I would know which one was which (of course I knew which ones the green beans were)
I found these address labels that have just been lying around the house with no place to go and I thought "hhmmm, that would be a good idea!" I used the address labels to label all of my food!
I packed rice and oatmeal too! I can tell the difference between rice and oatmeal but I know the hubs cant so I went ahead and labeled them as well!
Each rice and oatmeal cup was measured out to be one serving for both the babies!
After getting everything labeled it was time to pack it up! I put the carrots, sweet potatoes and green beans in a tall foldable cooler.

I then put a bag of frozen blueberries on top so it would keep the baby food cold. I also put in a few things of yogurt. Then we put ice on top of the blueberries and yogurt and placed this cooler inside an even bigger cooler! I didn't want to risk the yogurt getting to room temp or even warm, so the bigger cooler had a ton of ice in it to keep the smaller one very chilly!!

 The food stayed cold enough for 5 hours!! We unpacked it as soon as we got to our room and put it in the fridge! I was surprised it stayed cold because Alabama is VERY hot in the summer time and we had the cooler on the tail-gate of the truck!

BTW~ I did end up buying a couple Gerber baby foods to bring out to the beach:)

Do you have any tips on packing homemade baby food?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Link Ups

Unfortunately, there will be no link up this week. However, we do have some linky business we’d like to share with our readers….

We have had some readers request that we keep the link ups open a little longer. As fellow moms of twins, we totally understand how time can get away from you (the fact that this is being posted so late is a prime example). Therefore, so that those of you who wanted to post but didn’t get a chance before the link up expired, we have re-opened all of the link-ups from this blog and will keep them open through the end of the month.

Also, we are starting to struggle with link up topics so we are going to switch things up a bit and do one link up per month leaving each link up open for the entire month. If you have any suggestions for link up topics, feel free to leave a comment or email us!

Once we come up with a new list of topics, we will post the dates and the topics in the sidebar so you can prepare for your posts ahead of time.

Other business:

We are still looking for bloggers who would like to do a guest post. If you’re interested, shoot us an email with your desired topic.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Introducing Holli~ Pre-preschoolers Fall Schedule

Our first guest blogger! Her name is Holli from Full Hands, Full Hearts.

Full Hand full Heart

About Holli:
Twin-wrangling SAHM - trying to organize the chaos of life with my boys, hoping to fill their minds, hearts and bellies with the "good stuff," and blogging to share ideas and stories with other moms.
Her blog is just wonderful and she has really great tips and advice on raising twins! Head on over to her blog and show her some love! Click HERE

She also has a great link-up she is starting! Its a 2012 Fall Bucket List Idea link-up!! We cant wait to join in on the fun with her on this because we all love the Fall! If you are interested in more information about this wonderful linkup click the image below!

Today Holli is writing about Fall schedules for Pre-preschoolers! Hope you enjoy;)

Fall Schedule for the pre Preschoolers

For many parents, back-to-school time often brings a few tears (sometimes bittersweet, sometimes joyful) as their kids eagerly head off to class.  However, for those of us with pre preschool tikes, fall may not be so emotionally draining as there is not much of a change to our daily routine.  But this fall, my toddlers and I are eagerly looking forward to getting back to our "mommy and me" school routine.  For my boys, these classes provide social interaction and practice for "real" school down the road.  For me, it's a wonderful way to connect with other parents, while catching a much needed daily glimpse of the world beyond our four walls.  If you’re also looking for ideas on what to do with your three-and-under crew, here’s a peak at our schedule and some class suggestions.

Monday:  Music Class

Sing, dance, tap, shake, and jam with your little ones during a parent/child music class. There are countless benefits of early exposure to music - perhaps the most important is that your little ones are sure to love finding their voice and shaking their hips, and you are sure to love watching them.  (I teared up a bit the first time I saw their little eyes light up in class.)  Check out the following nation-wide programs likely to be available in your area:

Tuesday:  Library Time

Many libraries offer a wide range of children’s literacy programs.  Our local library has a weekly program called Lapsit.  Do the toddlers always actually sit on their parent's lap for the entire 30 minutes?  Ummm, no.  But, most programs accommodate for this with some hands-on activities, singing, and dancing intermixed with story time.  Oh, and the best part, it will probably be FREE!  Find your local library here:

American Library Association - @ your Library 

Wednesday:  Play Group

I’m not sure who loves play group more, my boys or their mother. ;)  We are actually in two different groups, and we love them both for different reasons.  Wondering where to find some kiddie (and parent) play groups?  Here are a few suggestions for finding a play group in your area:

Moms Meetup Groups - A website where you can find and join local play groups.  Click on  "Parents & Family" in the interest category.

National Organization of Mother of Twins Club - Find (or start) a play group through your local twins club.

Thursday: Gym Class

There is no better feeling than getting my boys loaded up in the car after gym class and knowing that I have sufficiently worn…them…out.  These are some of the best nap days of the week…assuming I can get them home before they pass out in the car from the pure elation and exhaustion of the morning tumble.  Looking for a tumbling class?  Take a look at these class offerings:

Local Parks and Recreation Tumbling Classes

Local Gymnastics Facilities

Friday:  Home Day

Friday is somewhat of our variable day.  Sometimes we are busy packing for a weekend road trip to visit family, sometimes we relax and snuggle up to watch the favorite movie of the week, and sometimes we head back out to our second play group.  I’ve also found it’s good to have a day with nothing on the schedule for planning doctor visits, running errands, or making the dreaded grocery trip.

Wait, so you mean we actually load up and get out of the house with two toddlers under 2?  Yes.  We do.  Is it always easy?  No.  Is it worth it?  Yes, I truly believe so.  And here’s why.  When we do actually get out of the house and to our classes (15 minutes late and with two dirty diapers), there are usually other adults there.  Of course, there are other moms and often a handful of dads there, which is great for some adult conversation. But, there are also other teachers, instructors, or librarians there.  And, they might…just…help…you.  Many of the instructors in our classes will often grab a twin as we sing, dance, stretch, read…or even chase one as the other runs in the exact opposite direction.  Our My Gym instructors will pull Big Brother to model a tumbling move so I can work with Little Brother.  Our Music Together instructor will dance with Little Brother so I can shake my grove thing one-on-one with Big Brother.  I often find that it is almost a break for that hour we are in class!

Finally, one last bit of advice when enrolling for classes - consider your kids' schedule.  Consider their nap time(s). When do they eat? When is usually their “happy” time of day?  For us, mid-morning is our best outing time.  Most of our classes start around 9:30 or 10:00 and last up to an hour.  We head home, have lunch, and then settle in for a long afternoon nap.  And, yes, many times “we” often includes mom, as it is no joke getting everyone up and out of the house to class.  We are exhausted, but happy - an option I'll take any day over exhausted, bored, and cranky from being stuck in the house.  And that’s usually all the motivation we need.  Good luck, and happy "back to school" to all us pre preschooler moms!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Twins Nursery

Hey there! We are back for another link-up! This week we want you to show us your nursery. No, it doesn't have to be recent pictures because as MOMS we all know the nursery isn't as clean as it use to be... right? I know mine definitely isn't and if yours is, I am envious. Hope you keep coming back weekly to link up because we love doing this and we love supporting other MOMS in their journey;)

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Also, We are looking for moms of multiples who would like to be "guest" bloggers each week. We would like to do this feature every Monday. Please email us if you are interested.

Multi Mommas

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Show Us Your Top 5

Hello! Sorry we’re a little late posting this week’s topic. We all had doctor’s appointments and sick and/or fussy babies so the days just got away from us. I’m sure you know how that is. ;)

This week is Show us your top 5 pictures of your twins or multiples. Here’s a sneak peek of my top 5.

12 days old

Can’t wait to see all the other adorable twins and multiples so link up and share!

Next week’s topic will be announced first of next week so be sure to check back with us!

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Multi Mommas

Monday, August 6, 2012

Life with Twins!

Here is a post I wrote over on my blog about my life with twins so far!  Enjoy!

When I found out it was twins both Clayton and I were in shock. I had been sent to the hospital to receive fluids after being extremely sick. The ultrasound tech said something about two and we were both confused about what was going on. The Dr confirmed it was twins and things changed from there. My dad is a twin and I always wanted to have twins. I had a few friends that were twins growing up and I loved that they always had each other.

I was excited to tell our families and friends the good news. Everyone was very excited. After dealing with a very rough pregnancy which included a 63 day hospital stay I went into labor when I was 29 weeks and 6 days pregnant. Although many steps were taken to stop labor, the babies were born breathing on their own and fighting.

Emma and Levi were in the NICU for 52 and 53 days respectively. They both came home just shy of their two month birthday. Bringing home one baby is overwhelming but adding in the second you almost need a small army to take care of them. I can't imagine having triplets or quads.

It was a huge adjustment and I have to say that my husband and my mom were the biggest blessings. When the babies came home I was still nursing, but because of their small size I was pumping the milk and we were giving it to them in bottles. At first we tried to have one feeding during the night where one person did it by themselves but quickly Clayton and I agreed that we could get it done faster is we just joined forces and each fed a baby. We quickly settled into a routine and figured out how to handle these two sweet miracles.

It has definitely gotten easier as they have gotten older. Shortly after coming home both babies developed severe acid reflux which is common among preemies. It was frustrating and so sad to watch them be in so much pain as well as to see them throw up so often. Luckily as they've gotten bigger and matured the reflux and has gotten so much better.

Because they were preemies, Emma and Levi are a little delayed when it comes to milestones. At almost 9 months both babies are finally rolling beginning to sit up. I struggle with this when I see other babies their age crawling and doing things Emma and Levi should be doing. I know they will do it in their own time and I am forever grateful to be able to watch these sweet babies grow.

Life with two babies can be challenging when it comes to taking them places and getting enough snuggles in. But we've learned to adapt and we are enjoying this crazy ride with twins! I am excited that they will always have each other. It's like a built in my best friend and my hope is that they will love each other above anyone else!

*Remember this week our link up is sharing our top 3-5 pics of our mulitples so far! So get your post ready for the link up this Thursday! 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Baby Showers

What a wonderful time it is to celebrate a baby. A baby shower is so special!  Today our hosts are talking about baby showers!  Head on over to Jenn, Heather and Amanda's blogs to read about their baby showers.

This is a special post/link-up because any and ALL moms are welcome! Come tell us about your baby shower!

 We would love to hear about your baby shower. Please write a post about your baby shower and link up with us. We also ask that you say you are linking up with the "Multi-mommas" so anyone who wants to join in on the link-up can! While we love to have anybody link up we ask that you link to a post that is on topic for the current week. Therefor this week if you are linking up please share about your baby shower!

Happy Thursday! I cant wait to read all about baby showers! What a fun topic! Next week we will be sharing our favorite pictures of our multiples so far!