Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Homemade Baby Food~ On the Road

Do you make your baby food? Have you found it difficult to take it on the road? Especially those long hour car rides! And trying to keep it cold until you arrive at your destination can be tricky too!
We went to the beach twice this summer and I found some easier ways to pack homemade baby food.
I went to Wal-Mart to look for small jars I could put their food in but instead I found these small glad ware Tupperware cups. They are actually the PERFECT size for baby food. I would say it holds about 4 oz. which is perfect for my twins because they both eat 2 oz. each. I made carrots, sweet potatoes and green beans to go with us!
Pictured below:carrots
As you know sweet potatoes and carrots look somewhat a like. I wanted to label them so I would know which one was which (of course I knew which ones the green beans were)
I found these address labels that have just been lying around the house with no place to go and I thought "hhmmm, that would be a good idea!" I used the address labels to label all of my food!
I packed rice and oatmeal too! I can tell the difference between rice and oatmeal but I know the hubs cant so I went ahead and labeled them as well!
Each rice and oatmeal cup was measured out to be one serving for both the babies!
After getting everything labeled it was time to pack it up! I put the carrots, sweet potatoes and green beans in a tall foldable cooler.

I then put a bag of frozen blueberries on top so it would keep the baby food cold. I also put in a few things of yogurt. Then we put ice on top of the blueberries and yogurt and placed this cooler inside an even bigger cooler! I didn't want to risk the yogurt getting to room temp or even warm, so the bigger cooler had a ton of ice in it to keep the smaller one very chilly!!

 The food stayed cold enough for 5 hours!! We unpacked it as soon as we got to our room and put it in the fridge! I was surprised it stayed cold because Alabama is VERY hot in the summer time and we had the cooler on the tail-gate of the truck!

BTW~ I did end up buying a couple Gerber baby foods to bring out to the beach:)

Do you have any tips on packing homemade baby food?

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