Friday, September 14, 2012

Oh, These Girls


When I found out we were having twins I was excited about have two to entertain each other and looked forward to seeing the twin relationship develop. When I found out we were having two girls I was even more excited about watching the relationship that would develop between sisters.

Once I started to feel them move, I started to realize that their relationship wasn’t going to be all sunny and roses. They often kicked each other, fighting for room I suppose. Tensley was the one who usually kicked first. In fact, we have video of an ultrasound where it looked like she was kicking Tillie in the head. I knew from that moment that having these two girls was going to be a wild ride.

Little did I know how much this was going to go both ways.

One night this week as the girls were winding down for bed I watched as they were walking around the living room (they should have been laying in their bean bags). Tillie was following Tensley with her hand on Tensley’s back. She followed Tensley to the TV console where they often stand to watch if they are deeply involved in the cartoon that is on at that moment. My husband and I watched and thought how sweet it was to see them getting along.

When they got to the TV console, Tillie then put her hand on Tensley’s shoulder and then tried to hold her hand. SO sweet!

Ten seconds later, she tried to snatch Tensley’s paci right out of her mouth.

Oh these girls. They are definitely going to give their momma some grief through the years.

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