Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Flies By

Everyone tells you that when you have a baby that time flies by and you are like "oh, OK I'm sure it wont go by that fast" Well I hate to tell you this but it DOES!

It is so hard to take advantage of every second but we as moms try very hard to do just that! Not only by taking pictures but really enjoying those moments. Those moments where you are holding your precious little one and they look up at you with eyes filled with love and you think to yourself "how could I possibly love this little one anymore than I already do"? And then they give you a kiss or just fall asleep in your arms and you realize you do love them more and more with everything that they do. These are the moments that we need to remember.

I know that I have the worlds worse memory!! I can barely remember what i wore yesterday! I would like to think I will remember these "little" moments with Jocelynn and JP and I hope I do because we cant get this time back!

To help my awful memory I try and take LOTS of pictures and videos! Well, my husband is the actual "video taker" in our family because I always forget!

Since i have SO many pictures and it would be way too costly to do a photo book at the end of their first year, Ive decided to do a photo book every 4 months! Ive already done their first one and the 4-8 month old one is still in progress. Hopefully I'll have all 3 done by the time they turn 13 months! After that I think I will do a photo book individually for them every year.

I have been using a great program called MixBook! I like the way you can personalize it and really make it your own.

Also, every time I see a deal for a 16x20 canvas i purchase that! There are usually deals all the time going on Living Social, Groupon, Plum District and even the actual sites like The Canvas People! I think purchasing canvases is also a great way to capture special moments!

These are just a couple of ways I make sure to remember these days;) I'm sure I will never forget but it goes by too quickly and I would like to capture every single second of it!

What do you do to "capture" the moments? A photo book? Scrapbook? We would love to hear!

PS~I would like to thank everyone for all the kind words and wonderful support from my news!! We are excited to be expecting and having wonderful friends like you makes it that much more special! Thank you!!

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  1. I have no idea what to do with all the short video clips I have. The first year I took a million pictures. Right now I'm making a scrapbook from year 1-2. I plan on going back to do the baby book when they go to preschool. I make the online photo books for certain events like birthdays, trips, and family gifts.