Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Twin Pregnancy Experience

Hey its me Jenn! Finally, right? Sorry Ive been MIA from the MOMS blog but we are back and and better than ever!

On Friday Heather told you about her twin pregnancy experience and today I'm going to share mine!

I had such a wonderful pregnancy and I loved being pregnant! There are some things that happen during a multiple pregnancy that they don't tell you about and you would never think. Heather was right on about most of it.

Up until about 26 weeks of pregnancy mine went perfect. At that 26 week mark i started having contractions! They were about 3 minutes apart by the time we got to the hospital and oh yeah it was my birthday. They decided to keep me overnight and gave me a sleeping pill and a shot to slow the contractions down. For some reason i was never nervous, i knew it was going to be OK and God was going to take care of everything. They released me the next morning and put me on procardia every 4 hours until i was 37 weeks pregnant. Yup, i had contractions for a whole 11 weeks. So fun... NOT. But on the bright side you do get use to the pain and wont even know its a contraction before long. This is something that is completely normal during a multiple pregnancy. Our uterus is growing twice-four times faster than it would in a regular pregnancy. I was so scared that i wouldn't know what a contraction would feel like but believe me you'll know. A little advice... if you start having contractions try lying on your left side with your feet up and stay hydrated. If that doesn't slow them down try getting in a bath and relaxing. Always call your doctor but they usually will tell you everything i just said. If you have 6 contractions within one hour is when they want to see you. So wrong right? Ha. Just remember to not panic and try relaxing as much as possible.

I started swelling around week 29 of my pregnancy. When i say i "started swelling" it literally came overnight. My baby shower was held when i was 29 weeks preggo and i couldn't even wear shoes. This is another thing that is completely normal. It is not very fun but it is normal. I couldn't wear my wedding rings anymore and i wore slippers everywhere. You feel like it will never go back down but i promise you it will! One thing to look out for is that swelling is a symptom of Preeclamsia. Preeclampsia is a serious condition that can occur during pregnancy. Swelling, high blood pressure and early labor could happen. I had these symptoms at the very end of my pregnancy but truly blessed they didn't happen any earlier. The day I had JP and Jocelynn my BP was 158/110. Just keep a close watch on your BP at home. They sell monitors for less than $30 at most pharmacies!

The numbness. Oh, the numbness. Heather talked about this too and oh is she right! It is no fun. I couldn't feel any of my fingers and i thought i lost feeling for good. The feeling came back a few weeks after the twins were born and it felt so wonderful to be able to write.type again. Another fun symptom of a multiples pregnancy.

One more thing about my pregnancy was i couldn't stand for very long without getting very dizzy. Jocelynn sat way down low on my pelvis and put a ton of pressure on my spine and that would cause my tailbone all the way down to my ankles to go numb. I would get very dizzy and have to sit down. After resting for a minute i would be fine and get back up. That doesn't mean i sat down all the time. I was still vacuuming the house and cleaning up until i was 37 weeks pregnant! It hurt but i would just get a little bit done at a time. and when my body told me to sit down i SAT!

I know all of these things sound bad but they truly aren't! We are moms, we are forces of nature and we can handle anything. Honestly, it took me reading Heather's post from Friday to remember all of my symptoms because right when you see your precious babies you forget about everything your body went through to carry them!

How is your pregnancy going? How did it go?

Happy Hump Day!

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  1. Congratulations! You're lucky to have twins! Well, twins should weigh in around 5-7 lbs, Jennifer, if they aren't, they are to remain at the hospital until they reach a healthy weight before going home. I guess, they weigh just right, eh? :) I hope you and your children are doing fine, by the way.

    Chelsea Leis